On Thursday, US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy confirmed that the investigation would assess the possible relationship between Tik Tok and the Chinese government, particularly in the data-sharing aspect.

The announcement was made to open this investigation, at the request of the leader of the Democratic minority in the US Senate , Chuck Shemer, and a member of the Senate from the Republican Party, Tom Coton.

Last October, the senators went to the acting national intelligence chief, Joseph Maguire, inquiring about how the application collected the data and whether the application was subject to Chinese government censorship rules.

“By downloading this application 100 million times in the United States alone, Tik Tok can pose an intelligence threat, so we cannot ignore the issue,” the US lawmakers wrote.

“Given these concerns, we ask the intelligence community to assess the risks to the national security of the country from the implementation of TekTok or other US-based platforms operating in the United States, to inform Congress of the findings,” the letter said. To it later. “


In response to the letter, TekTok officials have asserted their independence from the Chinese government, and the company said it is storing the data of US users inside the United States, according to the technical website Gizmodo.

In recent years, Washington has grown increasingly concerned about China’s booming technology industry amid accusations that Beijing is using the boom to spy, which the Asian country categorically denies.