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Samsung Galaxy S11 release date, price, news and leaks

Samsung Galaxy S11 release date, price, news and leaks
Written by Pro Windroid

Samsung Galaxy S11


We’re not hoping to see the Samsung Galaxy S11 discharge for some time since, if Samsung proceeds with its yearly cycles for telephone discharges, it will be out in or around February 2020 – yet we’re as of now hearing bits of gossip about what we can anticipate from it.

Over that there are a few highlights we didn’t find in the Samsung Galaxy S10 that we were expecting, and there were parts of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Galaxy Fold that would function admirably in another Galaxy S leader.

Enlivened by every one of these telephones, we’ve additionally drawn up a rundown of the things we’d like to find in the Samsung Galaxy S11, or whatever the following Galaxy S telephone winds up being (it could be the Galaxy S20, given that telephone organizations appear to hop directly from 10 to 20 when numbering telephones).

You’ll see that beneath, on the whole, here’s beginning and end that we’ve caught wind of the Samsung Galaxy S11 up until now.

Latest news: A patent suggests the Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a spectrometer, while a rumor points to a 108MP camera and 5x optical zoom.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung
  • When is it out? Likely February / March 2020
  • What will it cost? Likely more than $899 / £799 / AU$1,349

Samsung Galaxy S11 release date and price

We saw the Samsung Galaxy S10 discharge nearby the Samsung Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus, in late February 2019. Since Samsung will in general discharge its telephones in yearly cycles, we hope to see the Samsung Galaxy S11 discharge in February or March 2020.

The Galaxy S10 cost $899/£799/AU$1,349 for its least expensive stockpiling size, and went as far as possible up to $1,149/£999/AU$1,699, when it discharged.

We would expect the Samsung Galaxy S11 cost to be a little increment on this, as the Galaxy S10 was pricier than the Galaxy S9.

Thinking about the typical cost increments on Galaxy S handsets between ages, we’d hope to see it cost around $1,000/£900/AU$1,500 for the least expensive form, and significantly more for more memory.

Samsung Galaxy S11 design and display

We haven’t heard much about this part of the Galaxy S11 yet, yet there’s an outside possibility that it will have two screens, as Samsung has licensed a plan (spotted by LetsGoDigital) with a littler second screen on the back of a telephone, as should be obvious above.

This would evacuate the requirement for a selfie camera, as the subsequent screen could be utilized to outline photographs utilizing the principle camera. We question we’ll see this plan however – a wide range of things get licensed and frequently don’t get made.

(Image credit: Samsung / LetsGoDigital)

Samsung Galaxy S11 camera

Samsung has reported new 48MP and 64MP camera sensors , so it’s conceivable Samsung will utilize one of them for the Galaxy S11.

In any case, Samsung may go considerably further, as it has likewise now reported a 108MP sensor, one which has been explicitly reputed for consideration in the Galaxy S11. The wellspring of this gossip includes that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will evidently likewise have a focal point with 5x optical zoom.

Another holes has expressed that the principle camera sensor on the Galaxy S11 will be diverse to all past Galaxy telephones from the S7 to the S10. That doesn’t really mean it will be one of the above sensors, yet it’s entirely conceivable.

One thing we probably won’t get is an in-show camera, as while any semblance of Oppo and Xiaomi are now prodding the innovation, a source proposes Samsung will trust that the tech will “develop” first, and meanwhile will stay with punch-opening cameras – though ones of ever littler sizes.

Samsung Galaxy S11 specs and features

On the topic of ‘tech Samsung has announced’: we know the company has created a 12GB Mobile DRAM, which lets the phone read memory at a quicker rate, so that’s an obvious candidate for the Galaxy S11.

The Galaxy S11 might also be the first phone to have a tiny 5nm chipset, according to Sina, which could see it outperform other handsets.

Speaking of the chipset, one believed to be the Snapdragon 865 has been benchmarked with scores that beat any other phone. It’s likely that US versions of the Galaxy S11 will use this chip, so that’s promising.

A more unlikely feature that the S11 could pack is a spectrometer, which could be used to determine the chemical composition of objects. Samsung has patented a phone-like device with just such a feature, so it’s possible, but it sounds a bit far-fetched and niche.

In other news, it may be worth keeping an eye out for rumors and leaks regarding the ‘Picasso’ as that, according to leaker Ice Universe, is the code-name Samsung is currently using internally for the Galaxy S11.

We can likewise look to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for some potential specs and highlights. The Galaxy S10 for instance most likely won’t have an earphone port, since Samsung has dumped it for the most recent Note. Thus, it likely won’t have a Bixby catch.


Notwithstanding, by opening up space that would have been utilized for an earphone port, Samsung could possibly make the battery greater and additionally the body more slender.

What about this for gossip however: could the Galaxy S line be ceased, and the Galaxy S11 never come around? That is the thing that one source proposes, that the S11 and Galaxy Note 11 will converge to make the Galaxy One, another arrangement that joins all Samsung’s superior highlights into one cell phone.

Of course, we’ve heard that before about Samsung telephones and it ended up being incorrectly, however given the likenesses between the two territories, it’s not something we can thoroughly preclude.

Samsung Galaxy 11: what we want to see

While early rumors have started to swirl, in reality there’s still a long way to go before we see the Samsung Galaxy S11, which is good news as it gives Samsung plenty of time to take our suggestions on board.

So, listen up Samsung, here’s what we want to see from the Galaxy S11. Please don’t let us down.

1. Better camera specs

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has 3 rear cameras: the 12MP main detector with a daily lens, the 12MP second detector with a zoom lens for distance shots, and also the 16MP third detector with associate ultra-wide lens.

The 3 lenses are typically what we’d expect in an exceedingly smartphone camera, however the resolution of every may be a heap under in several different phones.

Handsets just like the Honor twenty professional have a 48MP main snapper, that may be a huge maximize from 12MP, and even cheap handsets typically currently go along with four lenses (the further is sometimes a time-of-flight or macro detector for close-up shots), thus to remain competitive within the smartphone camera game Samsung has to up its game with the Galaxy S11.

The Honor 20 Pro’s four cameras.

We’ve detected that Samsung is functioning on a 64MP smartphone camera that would be place within the Samsung Galaxy S11 – if this is often true, the new phone would blow its competitors out of the water.

2. A 3.5mm earphone jack

If you’re scratching your head thinking “the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a three.5mm earphone jack”, then you’re right – however it’s going to be the last of its kind.

Newer Galaxy smartphones just like the Samsung Galaxy Note ten and Galaxy A80 have ditched the earphone jack, therefore it appears Samsung is following suit behind several alternative smartphone firms in obtaining eliminate the physical earphone port.

But since several, many folks still use non-Bluetooth earphones, it’s a feature that we’d like to see come back in future Samsung smartphones, particularly given it’s one in every of the sole high-end smartphone makers to still be exploitation them.

3. totally different front-facing camera arrangement

The Galaxy S10 was one in every of the primary phones to possess a ‘punch-hole’ front-facing camera, which implies the front snapper was in an exceedingly cut-out section within the screen, within the corner.

The Galaxy S10 Plus’ punch-hole camera

In theory this is a useful feature that replaces the top notch, so you get more screen real estate – but in practice the punch-hole takes just as much space, as there’s a sliver of screen between the camera and the edge that just isn’t used.

Going forward, we’d like to see the Samsung Galaxy S11 take a different tack – Samsung itself has said it’s planning to drop the punch-hole in favor of a camera under the screen, but that could still be a few Galaxy S phones down the line.

4. bigger battery capability

The Galaxy S10 had a three,400mAh battery – that’s fine, however you’ve got no hope of that lasting over a second day of use, particularly if you employ your phone plenty.

We’d hope the Samsung Galaxy S11 battery life would surpass that – it’ll undoubtedly have to be compelled to have an even bigger capability to cater for all the new technical school the phone uses, however we’d wish to see a heavy improvement on the capability, perhaps 4,000mAh or higher than.

5. additional launch colours

The Galaxy S10 comes in a very few colours, most typically prism white and black – however we tend to perpetually love a vivacious style in a very phone, and then way Samsung handsets have usually appeared a touch uninteresting.

The vibrant Samsung Galaxy S10e

We’re not asking for the crazy back patterns of a Huawei or Honor phone, but it would be nice for the Samsung Galaxy S11 to launch in a few different colors.

The Galaxy S10 has a few colors that are only available in certain regions, like yellow, green or red, but if Samsung made these designs available from the get-go in all regions, we’d appreciate the design a lot more.

6. Affordable 5G

We’re expecting there to be a Samsung Galaxy S11 5G – there was a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, after all, and by the time the S11 launches 5G will be available in many countries.

However, the Galaxy S10 5G is even bigger than the Galaxy S10 Plus, and so is massive and expensive. Currently there are no affordable 5G smartphones on the horizon, but Samsung could really get ahead of the curve if the Galaxy S11, or Galaxy S11e, had a low price and ran on 5G networks.

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