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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 may pack an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 may pack an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor, Pro Windroid

The Microsoft October Event 2019 is coming up soon, on October 2, and we have high expectations for the launch of a new Surface Laptop 3, which sounds to be more powerful than ever.

A leak has suggested that this new laptop will make a departure from the Surface series to date by including AMD processors (CPUs), and may even offer an eight-core CPU, German site WinFuture reports.

We’ve heard previous rumblings of Microsoft ditching Intel for AMD in the Surface Laptop 3, but this is the first suggestion of eight-core AMD processors showing up in the laptop. Not only would this be a big move for Microsoft, it would also put AMD CPUs at the high-end of the product SKUs instead of sitting below Intel Ice Lake models.

The report mentions a number of different Surface Laptop 3 models, all with a larger 15-inch display. They range in specs from quad-core Ryzen CPUs up to the aforementioned eight-core model, with a hexa-core model as well. Memory could come in 8GB, 12GB or 16GB of RAM. Prices are anticipated to range from about $1,000 (about £800, AU$1,460) to $2,400 (about £1,930, AU$3,500).

Eight-center Ryzen CPUs exist – yet not for portable

Eight-center CPUs may appear to be pretty regular for AMD, given all the high-center check CPUs the organization has propelled in its Ryzen 3000 arrangement. Be that as it may, the equivalent can’t be said for its portable processors. WinFuture recently detailed the PC may incorporate a Ryzen 5 3550U or Ryzen 7 3750U CPU alternative, yet both of these are quad-center CPUs.

None of AMD’s as of now accessible portable processors offer eight centers, as opposed to the organization’s work area processor contributions. Things being what they are, I don’t get this’ meaning?

One plausibility WinFuture advances is an AMD Epyc Embedded 3000 arrangement framework on-chip (SoC). A few of these SoCs do highlight eight centers. Yet, the Surface Laptop 3 would feel like an odd home for a chip that is structured in view of servers and endeavor use.

Another plausibility is that AMD will dispatch new Ryzen portable CPUs that will show up first on the Surface Laptop 3. The issue there is that it would be somewhat right on time for another line of versatile Ryzen processors, as the Zen+ portable processors just propelled this past January.

Obviously, a last probability is that these bits of gossip won’t happen in October. Maybe despite everything we’ll get AMD-controlled Surface Laptop 3 models, yet they might be restricted to four centers. Also, perhaps despite everything we’ll get eight-center variations, yet it could be later on.


a rumor suggests the microsoft surface laptop 3 will come with amd ryzen processors and up to eight cores.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 may pack an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor, Pro Windroid
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