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Mate 30 without Play Store: Huawei believes it’s “bad for Google”

Mate 30 without Play Store Huawei believes it's bad for Google
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The Mate 30 is private Play Store and Google services. To download applications, users will have to fall back on App Gallery, the online store of the Chinese group. According to Huawei, this situation is bad news for Google. 

This Thursday, September 19, 2019, Huawei has lifted the veil on the Mate 30 . Following the decree of Donald Trump promulgated last May, the Chinese manufacturer could not get an Android license . The two smartphones are therefore deprived of Google services or applications of the suite G Suite (Play Store, Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc …). For the moment, Mate 30 will not be released in France . At a conference on the sidelines of the presentation in Munich, Richard Yu, CEO of the mobile division, spoke at length about the situation, report our colleagues GSMArena.

Huawei believes its alternative to the Play Store is bad news for Google

For the leader, the absence of the Play Store should not be a problem for users. “There are many third-party applications and places where you can download any application” ensures Richard Yu. Clearly, buyers are free to install any Google application through a site like APK Mirror for example . As expected, Huawei lets you install the Play Store on your Mate 30 .

In addition, Huawei offers users to download their apps through App Gallery, its own store. A real Chinese alternative to the Play Store , the application is integrated by default to the brand’s smartphones since the P20 and has 270 million monthly visitors active. Eventually, Huawei believes that App Gallery will be able to nibble the market share of the Play Store . “It’s not good for Google,” says Yu. “We have contributed to many US companies,” says the manager.

To speed up the development of his shop, Huawei has released heavy artillery. The group allows developers to keep up to 85% of the revenue generated by their apps on App Gallery. Huawei claims only 15% of profits . For its part, Google asks for a commission of 30%. “We have no other choice … we have been forced to do it … companies, partners and operators also understand us,” says Richard Yu. For now, the firm has already federated up to 560,000 developers.

Huawei is expected to gradually market the Mate 30 in certain specific markets. Not surprisingly, the range will first be sold in Asia before landing in the Middle East. It is not impossible that smartphones will be available in France by the end of this year 2019. We will tell you more as soon as possible on the subject. Do you share Richard Yu’s opinion? Will App Gallery hurt Google? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

Source: GSMArena

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