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LG G9 release date, news and leaks

LG G9 release date, news and leaks
Written by Pro Windroid

The LG G9 could be propelling in February, so we’d anticipate that gossipy tidbits about LG’s up and coming leader should fire accumulating soon.

Yet, there are as of now a couple of things that we’ve heard or suspect, all of which you’ll discover underneath, so read on for insights about the LG G9 discharge date, specs and highlights.

Additionally, we’ve likewise thought of a rundown of what we need – and sometimes what we don’t need – from the LG G9, to make it a significant enhancement for the LG G8 and LG G8X. We’ll likely hear more in the approach MWC 2020, as it’s feasible the handset will dispatch during that late-February tech appear.

Update: Leaked renders have uncovered the presumable structure of the LG G9, complete with a quad-focal point camera and an in-screen unique mark scanner, while pictures of the LG V60 ThinQ recommend the two telephones could be fundamentally the same as.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next LG flagship phone
  • When is it out? Possibly February
  • What will it cost? Its price will likely rival other high-end handsets

LG G9 release date and price

The LG G8 was declared at MWC 2019 on February 24, so there’s a high possibility the LG G9 will land at MWC 2020, which runs from February 24-27. It might even be declared just before that, as in some cases large declarations are made before the show formally commences.

For the time being that is only a supposition, as there aren’t any LG G9 discharge date gossipy tidbits yet, yet at any rate we’d expect it will be declared during the principal half of 2020. Notwithstanding, there might be half a month or more between when it’s declared and when it goes discounted, in light of past structure.

With respect to value, everything we can do there is surmise, yet the LG G8 propelled for $819 (around £640/AU$1,200), so the G9 may have a comparative cost.

LG G9 news and gossipy tidbits

The fundamental LG G9 spill so far appears as spilled renders, which you can see underneath.

These show a quad-focal point camera on the back (up from three focal points on the LG G8), alongside a littler score lodging a solitary focal point forward looking camera, and apparently slimmer bezels.

The wellspring of the pictures says the screen will be somewhere in the range of 6.7 and 6.9 inches, which would make for an enormous increment in size from the 6.1-inch LG G8. The G9 likewise clearly has an in-screen unique mark scanner and measurements of 169.4 x 77.6 x 8.8mm (ascending to 9.4mm at the camera knock).

The LG G9 ThinQ is additionally appeared as having a 3.5mm earphone port, yet curiously likely wouldn’t have the profundity sensor found on the facade of the LG G8 (as there’s no space for it in the score). That thus would probably mean no Air motion controls or vein acknowledgment framework.

Strangely, these pictures look a great deal like spilled pictures of the LG V60 ThinQ, which may dispatch simultaneously. Given the comparative structure and possibly comparable discharge date, there probably won’t be a lot of contrast between the two, with the V60 sure to get 5G (as all V arrangement telephones will as per LG), while the LG G9 may consequently not, making for an approach to separate the two.

We would expect them both to have very good quality force however, which means the LG G9 ThinQ will presumably utilize the top-end Snapdragon 865 chipset.

There are likewise some LG licenses that could highlight highlights of the LG G9. For instance, one patent shows a LG telephone with no physical catches – a move which could free up inward space, improve the look, and take into consideration a slimmer handset.

The structure in this patent additionally shows a quad-focal point camera, which would be a first for LG, yet which is looking likely, in light of the spilled renders above.

Another patent shows a camera with a ring around it, which could be a long range focal point or some likeness thereof. Pictures of both these structures can be seen underneath.

What we want to see

The LG G8 is a very interesting, very flawed phone. For the G9 we want something just as interesting but without the flaws. The following suggestions could help LG achieve that.

1. Bring back the hole-less speaker….

The LG G8 has a number of experimental features, the most successful of which is arguably the hole-less vibrating Crystal Sound speaker.

This essentially removes the top speaker and causes audio to vibrate through the display instead, and it worked well in our tests. LG claims this also makes the phone more waterproof. Plus, it could help remove even more bezel, so we’d like to see the feature make a return in the LG G9.

2.But not the Hand ID tech

One less-than-successful LG G8 experiment was Hand ID, a feature which allows the phone to read the blood pattern in your veins and use that to identify you and therefore unlock the handset. So it’s an alternative to a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition.

On paper it sounds cool, but in practice we found it was barely functional. But even if it worked reliably we’re not convinced that it would be much of an upgrade on the standard biometric security options, so we’d like to see this ditched.

3. Add an in-screen camera

One exciting new feature we’d like to see LG add for the LG G9 is an in-screen camera. Coupled with the hole-less speaker that could allow for a truly bezel-free design, which would be nice, especially since the LG G8 actually has quite large bezels.

4. Freshen up the design

Speaking of the design, we’d like to see that improved all-round. The LG G8 looks rather ordinary, failing to stand out from or even match many flagships visually. Getting rid of the notch would be a good start, but we’d really like a design that wows us. That would help the LG G9 make a great first impression.

5. Boost the battery

The LG G8 has a 3,500mAh battery, which is on the small side by flagship standards and in our time with the phone led to predictably mediocre life. The battery pack was boosted to 4,000mAh in the LG G8X ThinQ (a sort-of successor), so there’s hope that the LG G9’s might be bigger, but 4,000mAh is really the minimum we’d want.

 6. Extra lenses

The LG G8 and LG G8X ThinQ both have double focal point back cameras, which, despite the triple-focal point iPhone 11 Pro, quad-focal point Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and penta-focal point Nokia 9 PureView, isn’t a lot of.

Not so the quantity of focal points is the only thing that is in any way important, however it tends to be a decent beginning, as accepting the focal points all do various things, a more prominent number can make for an increasingly flexible camera. So we’d prefer to see in any event one more focal point on the LG G9.


7. New advancements

As much as we will in general discover LG’s cell phone developments hit and miss, we commend the organization for attempting, as it guarantees its leaders quite often stick out.

We need that to keep on being the situation with the LG G9, so just as an arrival of the gap less speaker, we need something new that we’ve never observed on a telephone. In truth, that regularly finishes in as a lot of disappointment (Hand ID) as victories (Crystal Sound speaker), yet it’s as yet a path for LG to remain extraordinary.

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