iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max: an annoying message is displayed if the screen has been replaced outside the Apple After-Sales Service

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The iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max now display a message if you decide to have their screen changed at the local repairer – when this part is not approved by Apple. In addition to this message, recurring for 15 days, the change is automatically saved on Apple’s servers. The smartphone remains otherwise perfectly functional. 

The new iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max enjoy a “new feature” introduced by Apple specifically on these models with the update iOS 13.1 – a novelty that some users may hate, especially if they discover later, after having broke their screen. If that happens to you, it’s a bit like Matrix: there is the red pill and the blue pill .

iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max: think carefully before changing your screen out of Apple’s official service area

In any case, both options have a cost – to be taken broadly. If you take the blue pill – in other words, you go to the Apple Store or contact the Apple Customer Service – a courier picks up the device from you and for a price of between € 29 (if the smartphone is still under warranty and under AppleCare +) and 361 € (out of warranty) and  “everything stops: after you can make sweet dreams and think what you want” , to resume the famous dialogue of Morpheus Neo.

If you take the red pill (the “corner repairer” option because the Apple service option is too expensive in your case), you  “go down with the white rabbit to the bottom of the pit” –  and it does not will probably not be possible to return to the official Apple circuit. Indeed, with iOS 13.1, the smartphone checks if all the parts that compose it – in particular the screen – are original.

And if this is not the case, two things happen: first an annoying message “impossible to verify that this iPhone has a genuine Apple screen” appears. In the first four days after repair, this message is prominently displayed on the lock screen. Then it persists for 15 days in the Settings application. Beyond, it is finally more discreet, in Settings> General> Information .

iPhone 11: if you change the screen at the repairer corner, Apple will be aware

In addition, the smartphone automatically reports on Apple’s servers that the screen of this iPhone 11 is not authentic. So, if you later need a repair via Apple’s after-sales service, the repairers of the firm will know that this screen is not an authentic part and that it has been changed by an unauthorized repairer.

It is unclear exactly what this may mean for the customer, but nothing prevents the firm from refusing certain repairs in such cases. Even though this policy may seem restrictive, we still find that the screens of these iPhone 11 are this year sophisticated enough to understand why Apple recommends to change them to Apple Store.


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The official screens of this generation contribute to the autonomy of the iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max and their colors are also calibrated at the factory – what the repairer of the corner will probably not do in case of change of slab. Moreover, despite the display of this message, smartphones remain perfectly functional.

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