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iPad 10.2 review

ipad 10.2 review


The new iPad 10.2 is Apple’s refreshed and still-reasonably-priced iPad with a marginally bigger screen, Smart Keyboard Cover compatibility, and extra RAM. Even though it’s not very different from last year’s iPad 9.7, which now also runs iPadOS update, this 7th-gen iPad continues to be brilliant at the basics.


  • Great price for a new iPad
  • Slightly bigger screen
  • Works with Smart Keyboard Cover


  • Marginally better than iPad 9.7
  • Older iPads may be cheaper
  • iPad Air is superior for sketching

iPad 10.2 review

The iPad ten.2 continues from wherever last year’s entry-level iPad nine.7 left off: giving Apple’s best price for a spic-and-span iPad at a ludicrously affordable worth – and a price that’s typically discounted by third-party retailers.

We’d describe it in 3 compact ways: larger, budget and basic. New is that the ten.2-inch show that’s marginally larger than the classic nine.7-inch screen size. each fraction of an in. helps if you’re attending to use Split read on iPadOS, and therefore the actual iPad dimensions aren’t a lot of larger.

There’s additionally compatibility with Apple’s cloth sensible Keyboard cowl, that we’ve forever found to figure higher than often-unreliable Bluetooth keyboards, no syncing or charging required. It merely snaps onto Apple’s sensible instrumentality (the initial time the pogo-pin port has appeared on a basic iPad). Note: the keyboard is sold-out singly, as is that the Apple Pencil, and it’s quite dearly-won.

That’s primarily it. Besides having additional RAM tucked into the iPad ten.2, you won’t notice the other upgrades over the iPad nine.7 from March 2018, and that’s okay. the general public don’t want all of the premium bells and whistles of the bezel-reduced iPad professional eleven and iPad professional twelve.9, or have a requirement for the diluent, laminated show of the ten.5-inch iPad Air 2019 (though we tend to extremely suggest this version if you’re serious concerning sketching with the Pencil).

What’s vital is that the iPad ten.2 will do all of the fundamentals – and a small amount quite you will understand because of the iPadOS update. In our tests, it ran all of a similar apps, supported hardware-intensive increased reality (AR) games, displayed the new tweaked home screen, and even acted as a second raincoat show because of the macOS Catalina ‘SideCar’ feature.

Buying the iPad ten.2 could be a project if all you would like is a bran-new iPad – and might realize it at a similar value as last year’s iPad. That’s aiming to be our one caveat for everybody. Apple itself isn’t commerce the iPad nine.7 anymore, however retailers could offload inventory at Black weekday costs presently (we saw it go all the way down to $229 last Cyber Monday).[the_ad id=”1882″]

If you discover the older iPad model at an excellent value it might add up to shop for it, given therefore very little has modified. But, on a fair value playingfield, there’s only enough here to make sure that this year’s entry-level iPad continues to be sensible at the fundamentals.

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iPad 10.2 release date and price

The iPad 10.2 was a surprise announcement at Apple’s iPhone 11 launch event, and its official release date was scheduled for Monday, September 29. It actually started shipping early for some people on Wednesday, September 25, the day after the iPadOS update came out.

The most important thing is how much it costs: the iPad 10.2 price starts at $329 (£329, AU$529) for the rather-limited 32GB version and $429 (£479, AU$689) for the 128GB version. You can get away with just 32GB if you plan on streaming most things and using iCloud.

Serious work from the iPad 10.2, with a desire to save and edit photos and video, begs for the 128GB version, and maybe investment in the Smart Keyboard Cover $159 (£159, AU$235), the Apple Pencil $99 (£89, AU$145), or maybe the cellular version of this iPad starting at $459 (£479, AU$729). Even for the ‘cheap iPad’ things can add up when you go for the extras.

Choices these days: the iPad mini 5 (7.9 inches), iPad 10.2, iPad Air 10.5, and iPad Pro 11 (Image credit: Future)

This is the 7th-generation iPad and it shows, with a solid-feeling, however acquainted style that, initially blush, appearance as if it hasn’t modified in many years. There’s a sturdy Al shell, glass on high, and therefore the ancient home button. It comes in 3 colors: Silver, Gold and area grey.

New this year, Apple has created its iPad enclosure from 100% recycled Al, and it grew ever-so-slightly due to the ten.2-inch screen size. the peak and dimension are literally clone of the larger ten.5-inch iPad Air 2019 – it’s simply not as perceptibly skinny and lightweight because the Air.

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The good connective is that the biggest perk if you intend to upgrade. It makes the iPad ten.2 the most cost effective iPad to figure with Apple’s good Keyboard cowl, Logitech’s Slim dance orchestra Keyboard Case and a couple of alternative accessories. They ne’er ought to be charged and that they try instantly.

The iPad ten.2 uses a similar good Keyboard because the new Air, therefore we have a tendency to already knew we beloved the one-piece laser-etched cloth keys. They’re water- and stain-resistant, and runproof to clutter. Last iPad review we have a tendency to Ate a breakable roll and simply wiped away the various items that didn’t create it into our mouths. This time, same deal, however with Doritos. Again, it checks out by cleanup up nicely.

We do have reservations with Apple’s good Keyboard. It’s pricy and none of the keys are backlit. that produces it onerous to use within the dark (think: faculty students World Health Organization have roommates and are actuation all-nighters on comes with the lights turned off). There are additional shortcuts as a part of the iPadOS update, however none of the sixty four keys are customizable like they’re on a MacBook.


There’s exactly half an inch of extra display real estate on the iPad 10.2, and we found it to be a modest improvement over the classic iPad screen size. It won’t change your life or your viewing habits, but it’s nice to see more screen-to-body value from the entry-level iPad.

What’s necessary is that Apple exaggerated the LCD’s resolution to stay a similar component density as its iPad predecessors, thus it continues to appear nice in its stretch to ten.2 inches. It’s colourful, bright and supports the Apple Pencil, the latter being a replacement feature as of the iPad sixth information.

This makes the new iPad a fine alternative for looking Netflix and taking part in mobile games (see: our Apple Arcade review), and its 4:3 ratio is ready for reading. That further half-inch will are available in handy with iPadOS dynamical up the house screen and pushing Split read, or if you employ macOS Catalina’s ‘Sidecar’ feature that turns your iPad into a second macintosh show.

You are, however, reaching to get additional out of the ten.5-inch iPad Air if you intend to noticeably use the Apple Pencil. Its totally laminated show reduces the gap between the screen and glass, thus you are feeling as if you’re drawing directly on the show. The iPad ten.2 screen isn’t ironed up against the glass thus tightly, creating the Pencil tip feel as if it’s floating a touch.

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Specs, performance and camera
We found the new iPad ten.2 capable of handling a similar rigorous apps, high-end 3D games and lightweight video piece of writing because the iPad nine.7 in our tests. That’s not a giant surprise since it contains a similar A10 Fusion chipset, that conjointly happens to power the iPhone seven and iPod bit seventh information.

Apple did increase the memory from 2GB to 3GB of RAM in a very year’s time, and that we did see higher Geekbench multi-score results: (5,921 on the iPad nine.7 vs 6,047 on the iPad ten.2). therefore the A10 chipset is aged-but-completely-adequate for the fundamental iPad. Our want is for a lot of internal storage than the given 32GB or 128GB is more pressing and painfully lost.

Its additional RAM could be a modest upgrade, however all the a lot of vital as Apple pitches the 2-in-1 kind issue victimization the good Keyboard as a portable computer replacement for a few folks. Yes, you’ll get a lot of grunt and video piece of writing power out of the iPad Air and iPad professional, that have A12 and A12X chipsets, severally. however at this value purpose, you can’t complain concerning lag-free performance.

The iPad ten.2 has AN unchanged 8MP rear camera that’s serviceable for capturing photos and videos. however serious photographers ought to believe their smart-HDR-equipped iPhone and avoid victimization the one.2MP selfie camera that appears soft and blows out backgrounds.

More significantly for a pill, the camera acts as a totally operational square measure gambling tool. we have a tendency to tested it victimization new Pokemon Go-like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and robot-filled multiplayer affair Machines. Soon, it’ll become a nicely-sized ten.2-inch window into the planet of Minecraft Earth.

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