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Huawei and Qualcomm can do business again despite sanctions

Huawei and Qualcomm can do business again despite sanctions

Huawei can once again source from Qualcomm despite the sanctions: the American founder has just obtained a license from the US government and intends to secure a multi-year supply contract. Nevertheless limits remain in place on what the two firms can exchange. 

Finally a ray of sunshine in this sky so gray? It was almost forgotten, but a few months ago, the US administration put in place a licensing program that allows US companies to continue trading with Huawei. All US companies can apply for it – which is not assured of a favorable outcome, regardless of the size or reputation of the supplier.

Huawei and Qualcomm resume commercial relations with license

Moreover, since this measure – presented as a “relaxation” – is in place, very few licenses have been issued . So much so that we would almost have forgotten the existence of this program whose effects are long overdue. But Qualcomm has just announced it has obtained the precious sesame.

The founder of the Snapdragon chips and various solutions on silicon confirms today that the commercial relations between the two groups have resumed. But also that the firm relies heavily on a multi-year supply contract that it is negotiating.

For Huawei, this seems like great news, as the Chinese manufacturer still needs some of the foundry technology. Just before Huawei’s listing on the list of Entities forced its US partners to break their commercial ties, the manufacturer had built up significant stocks of Intel, Micron and Qualcomm components .

Yet two questions remain: First, we do not really know what this license allows or does not allow to do at this stage. The United States, for example, had insisted that these licenses would only allow trade in routine components that did not pose a threat to national security.

Then the whole question is what Huawei actually needs at this point. The leaders of the Chinese group say indeed for several months have managed to completely do without American components. And it is clear that Huawei was able, despite the sanctions, to launch the Mate 30 .

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