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How to get paid Netflix accounts and watch exclusive global movies

paid Netflix accounts
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There are many sites that promote this new idea and are foreign sites, the idea lies in the cookies that store login information for anyone and any site and on any browser, here begins the work of some people in obtaining these cookies in complex ways. The way we share with you today, you can get ready accounts from a foreign site with the help of another tool is an add-on browser Google Chrome or Firefox and you will find the link add-ons below.

How to use :


  • Download the desired extension and unzip it and install it as shown in the video 
  • You go to the site mentioned in the explanation in the video and follow the stages in detail 
  • Then you run the add-on and complete the final stage and congratulations 


important note !
It is very important that you have watched the entire video and followed all the stages to get an account as explained in the video 

 When you get an account and watch movies, sign out of the account before returning again so you can enter and apply the method again without problems.

Watch the following video to learn more about the method and follow all the stages mentioned above to get a free Netflix account and watch all the movies in Arabic subtitles and without ads.

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– Google Chrome extension plugin  
– Link to get cookies

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