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Google Pixel XL: dozens of devices are unusable because of an unlocking bug

Google Pixel XL

Dozens of Pixel owners have posted on the web no longer able to unlock their device. After-sales service experts encourage affected users to report the problem directly to Google or reset their device.

Many dozens of Pixel owners can no longer unlock their device. Each time they validate their PIN , the phone will loop them back to the lock screen. This problem had already been reported for the first time on the Pixel Phone help forum almost a month ago. It seems to particularly affect the Pixel XL, although other devices in the Pixel , Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 series have been mentioned.

Melisa Nichols , a user of the Google smartphone, explains: “My new pixel XL suddenly stopped allowing me to use my PIN to unlock it. I am sure to use the correct PIN code. If I try another password, I receive an error message. When I try to use the correct password, I get a black screen and the phone is locked again. I only have this phone since August 20th. ”

A user attempted to force the unlocking of his pixel using the emergency call service

In most cases, users can work around the bug by authenticating their fingerprints . On the other hand, you can not do the same after a reboot . As a result, you should never totally unload your phone, otherwise the device becomes unusable. So far, after-sales service experts are encouraging affected users to report the problem directly to Google or reset their device. With the consequence of losing permanently all the data present in the Smartphone.

At least one user tried and managed to unlock some features of his Pixel using the emergency call service. According to the Android Police site, if you have a Pixel XL and your PIN code has not worked for a while, it is recommended to use another authentication mode such as a path or a password for the moment … and report the problem to Google.

Source : Android Police

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