Google Assistant arrives on Xbox One, here’s how to enjoy

Google Assistant arrives on Xbox One, here's how to enjoy
Written by Pro Windroid

Microsoft who joins Google to integrate Google Assistant to its game console, we did not really expect. Yet it is the company of Redmond decided to do. You can now say “Hey Google” to turn your console on or off, play a game, and more.

When Microsoft launched its Xbox One in November 2013, the company did everything to focus on its ecosystem. As a result the manufacturer has a little “forced” on Cortana, the voice assistant that is also found on Windows 10 . But now, the sauce has not really taken and users who actually exploit Cortana are certainly not as numerous as Microsoft expected. What probably explain this change of situation rather unexpected: Google Assistant arrives today on Xbox One . The service is only available in beta, but it is already functional.

Test Google Assistant preview on Xbox One or Xbox One X

To access this new service, which remains in beta remember, you will proceed as follows:

  • Visit the Xbox for Google Assistant Beta Group and join it.
  • Register your Xbox
  • Get the Google Home app for iOS or Android
  • Add your Xbox One as you would any device (connected speaker, light bulb, etc.).
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account, the same one you use on Xbox One.

That’s it, you can now control your console to the voice. Note that the feature is currently available in English, but that Microsoft and Google will soon add new languages. The wizard allows you to turn the console on or off, but also to adjust the volume, start a game, play a video or music while controlling them, etc. Features that it was already possible to launch via Cortana.

We can now imagine that Microsoft will gradually drop his own assistant to that of Google, made much more popular via connected speakers and Android smartphones.

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