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French Days: Xbox One Wireless Controller Fortnite Special Edition at 39.99 €

French Days Xbox One Wireless Controller Fortnite Special Edition at 39.99 €
Written by Pro Windroid

The Xbox One Wireless Controller Special Edition Fortnite is the subject of a price reduction on the site of the banners of Fnac and Amazon. Usually offered for 64.99 €, it is possible to have it during this promotional period at -30% or 39.99 €. 


Take advantage of French Days 2019 vouchers and special offers to give you the FortNite Xbox One Limited Edition Wireless Controller for $ 39.99 instead of $ 64.99 on the Amazon and Fnac sites. Here is what you have for less than 40 €:

  • Bluetooth To connect to Windows 10 devices
  • Grip for a better comfort
  • Windows 10 Compatible PCs and Tablets
  • 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones and earphones
  • Includes Dark Vertex Set and 500 V-Bucks

Fight to the end with the Fortnite Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring an epic purple design that includes the legendary Dark Vertex package and 500 V-bucks to spend as you wish. Plug in any compatible stereo headset with the 3.5mm headphone jack and play your favorite games on Windows 10 PCs and tablets with Bluetooth technology.

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