Eyecon: Caller ID and Dialer Contacts Best Free Android App

Eyecon هوية المتصل واتصالات المسجل
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Eyecon “Use our caller ID, or number detector, to identify calls and see photos and names of anonymous people calling you and contacts in your Facebook book or address book.

Sync with Facebook to automatically add pictures to the phone’s dialer, contacts, and address book with ICON. Check out Anonymous call numbers thanks to our smart caller ID application with contacts Connect your favorite messages to the communication applications for easy instant calling by just one click.


✓ Visible – We sync with Facebook and other social media channels to select photos of your real contact to create a photo-based address book and phone call program. See names and photos thanks to our number detector from both anonymous callers and contacts on your Number Book.

✓ Safe – protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls thanks to our caller ID app. Our caller ID application is based on Facebook identifiers and social media, so the pictures are all of high quality and the information is completely accurate. Block calls to control incoming calls.

✓ Link – Sync your phone dialer program, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Email, Skype, LinkedIn and more with one click to everyone in one contact through the icons of your favorite app.

✓ Final personal touch – Control how your photo and contact information appear in your friends’ address book and on their phone when you call them. Choose from among 30 templates to customize your address book with your favorite appearance options! Change your settings to set one or two SIM cards on your phone, caller ID and much more.

✓ Check ready to accept the call – –You can see if your friends are ready to accept your calls before calling them thanks to the Do Not Disturb feature Can your call “allow” people to either answer the phone, call you right away, or Answer that they are busy.

✓ Easy to use – our technology preserves your preferences by interacting with iKON and using our phone dialer program. We organize connections by frequent contact and display communication icons according to the ones you use most.

✓ Set photos – Enjoy participating in the unique game to see the photos that are automatically synced to your contacts and find new pictures of your friends.

✓ Add contacts – After a conversation with someone who is not in your phonebook, use the built-in caller ID to add them as a new contact easily with suggesting a name and photo on you without writing anything extra.

✓ Private – Sign in simply by adding your phone number without syncing with third-party social media or doing a lengthy registration process.

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