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EMUI 10: Huawei deploys beta update on 8 new smartphones

Written by Pro Windroid

EMUI 10 arrives in beta version on 8 new smartphones Huawei and Honor. After the P30 and P30 Pro beginning of September, it is the turn of the Mate 20 and Honor 20 to install the new version of the Android overlay. We explain how to join the beta program if you have a compatible phone.

In early August, Huawei unveiled EMUI 10 , the latest version of its overlay. Based on Android 10, the interface features a dark system-wide mode, updated icons, an improved Turbo GPU and upward performance. Not long after the conference, Huawei promised to release a beta version of EMUI 10 on a handful of smartphones from September.

Huawei launches EMUI 10 beta on Mate 20 and Honor 20

The beta is currently being deployed on 8 smartphones from the Huawei and Honor catalog, report our fellow PlayfulDroid. As always, the update was first launched in China. Given the habits of the brand, we can expect that the beta arrives on European devices in the coming days.

Here is the list of 8 smartphones Huawei and Honor 

As a reminder, EMUI 10 is called Magic UI 3.0 on smartphones subsidiary Honor. It is however the same mobile OS with some differences. In the coming months, 35 smartphones Huawei and Honor will be able to install the update EMUI 10 in stable version . If you want to avoid bugs or malfunctions, we advise you to wait for the final version to be deployed rather than install the beta.

EMUI 10: how to install the beta on his smartphone Huawei or Honor?

If you really want to test EMUI 10 before everyone else, you’ll have to join the beta program set up by Huawei. At first, you will start by installing the APK of the application dedicated to the beta program. Then you will just have to register to get the update on your smartphone. Here is the maneuver.

  • Install the Huawei Beta Club app  via this link
  • Launch the application and accept the terms of use
  • Sign in with your Huawei ID ( Huawei ID )
  • Go to the Staff section  at the bottom right
  • Click Join Program
  • Choose the program corresponding to your smartphone
  • A notification will soon inform you that an update is available
  • Go  to your mobile settings
  • See you in System
  • Then press System Update
  • Finally, tap Search for updates

For the most patient, Huawei will deploy EMUI 10 in stable version on the P30 from November 2019. The update will then be proposed in December on the Mate 20 and the latest born of Honor. To find out how long you will have to wait, we advise you to consult the EMUI 10 deployment schedule .

Source : PlayfulDroid

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