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Call of Duty Mobile: how to play it on the PC with the official emulator

Call of Duty Mobile
Written by Pro Windroid

Call of Duty Mobile is available, but do you know that its publisher offers an official emulator to play on your PC? In this quick tutorial, we explain everything about Gameloop, the successor of Tencent Gaming Buddy.

That of Duty Mobile is here and the first impressions are quite positive: the free game respects the spirit of the shooter in the first person. But there’s even better: what if you were told that you could play the same game on your PC, with Activision’s blessing? In fact, this port of the franchise on Android was made by Tencent Games, which has long been a PC emulator for its games called Tencent Gaming Buddy . Initially limited to a handful of games, this emulator has gradually become compatible with the most popular franchises of Tencent. He has since changed his name to Gameloop .

How to play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC with Gameloop

For that it is extremely simple:

  • Tencent has prepared an all-in-one package so you can directly install Gameloop and Call of Duty Mobile : download it here
  • Launch the program
  • Give Call of Duty Mobile the time to download

You will find your favorite game in My Games .

Of course Gameloop is not the only option to emulate games (or any Android application) under Windows. We have a folder that summarizes the best Android emulators for Windows . Nevertheless Call of Duty Mobile and Gameloop have the advantage of being well optimized, which should offer you the best possible performance.

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