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Best Free list Android Tv& Movies APK

Best Free list Android Tv& Movies APK
Written by Pro Windroid

Welcome to the ANDROID APK download page, here you’ll find a selection of APKs. For your Android device, Smartphone, Tablet and Tv Box on Android. I will regularly add new applications (APK), so stay connected to Diavoletto-TV.

How to install an ANDROID APK

The installation is simple, you just have to go to the parameters, then go to the Category Aplications or Security,  now located the tab Unknown Sources and check the box so that the applications download in APK can be s’ install.

Once you have activated unknown sources you will be able to install the APKs you have just downloaded.

hat is an APK?

This is a kind of small digital box including all the files needed to install an application on Android. If you are more familiar with Windows, know that the principle is the same as an .exe file on it.

When you launch it on Android, it will go to the system by giving it its name. A short description of what he is and what he needs. If you install it, he will then open his archive to put his important files where the system will tell him before closing. So installing the application on the phone’s internal memory.

When you download an application from the Play Store, this one will download. And install this APK file transparently without you noticing it. However, you can also install it yourself.


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