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Best Free Android APPS 2019

Best Free Android APPS 2019
Written by Pro Windroid

Best Free Android APPS 2019

Today we offer you a range of useful Android APPS and for free ..
Applications that offer services you may find working in other places, especially when you recognize them…

1- MicroPOS – to manage the accounts of stores and stores

– You have a shop or shop and want to adjust its accounts
– Do not have enough money to buy expensive devices and systems
– You have customers sell them in the future and do not know how much to them and how much to them
– You want to send customers accounts via simple and fast means such as social media such as Whatsapp or Fber …
– All that and more in one application between your hands

-About the app

Our system is integrated in the sense that it is able to meet all the requirements of the activity as it includes the following systems:
(Settings – Stores – Suppliers – Customers – Sales – Purchases – Fund – Expenses – Queries) which are interdependent and interrelated to reach integrated results.

– Stores:
Through this screen is dealing with all stored operations in all its forms where a screen is allocated to each process of the stored operations fully so that provides control over the validity of data upon input through the input screen and then processing data

Through the Suppliers screen we can enter the data of the suppliers we rely on to secure some items that we buy frequently and follow up their accounts

Through the purchase screens we can deal with all operations related to procurement and record all items to be purchased according to the store where the shortage or shortage of items included in the order

This screen will allow you to enter customer data and use this data as a customer archive and can be used in many ways, for example can query the debtor for each customer and the operations of the debtor and creditor and we can review the full statistics for each customer

-the sales:
This screen is concerned with all sales and deals with sales revenue in special screens and is the main source of revenue

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2- Expenses

The Expenses app lets you have several features, the most important of which are:

A comprehensive application that can be used for expenses and personal budget or to manage small projects

Developer: Masareef App
Price: Free+
  • المصاريف‎ Screenshot
  • المصاريف‎ Screenshot
  • المصاريف‎ Screenshot
  • المصاريف‎ Screenshot
  • المصاريف‎ Screenshot
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  • المصاريف‎ Screenshot

✔ Add more than one portfolio through which you can manage your expenses and sources of income and follow-up what you or your debts
✔ Edit your wallets
✔ Add your financial transactions easily
50 More than 50 sections of all kinds of transactions (income, expenses, debts and installments)
✔ Repeat a transaction daily, weekly, monthly or annually, after which the expenses will be added without your intervention
✔ Link the transaction to the contact
مكانية The possibility of adding a future transaction or at any time earlier
✔ Amendment to added operations
✔ View a list of all the operations you have added

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✔ View details of transactions that you made one day
✔ Payment / receipt of debts and installments, specifying the beginning and end date of the debt and the entity associated with the debt
✔ Detailed disclosure of your debts or debts
اير Weekly and monthly reports
✔ The ability to save and retrieve data on Google Drive
✔ Ability to save reports in Excel format

The application of expenses has been implemented specifically to ease the management of daily expenses and follow-up debts and private installments or small business owners, it can also be used to record everything that falls under the item of expenses and debts such as gifts paid and the occasion of events as is known in our community,

The basis of all expenses is the portfolio (account), it can be monthly expenses or total savings or can be represented in the accounts of banks, so it does not start without having at least one portfolio.

3- Learning Programming: Kodati Codeaty

Your Arabic application is best for learning programming in Arabic and all fields, Kodati starts with you from scratch to professionalism with a good talent through the contents of the books and courses and lessons.

Application features
1- More than 154 courses in all fields
2- A huge library of software books
3- Series lessons and clear to learn programming
4. Full membership system
5 – the possibility of storing your favorite books and courses
6 – List of books loaded
7- Searching for any book
8- The possibility of evaluation and comment about any book you like
9 – the possibility of evaluating any course you like
10- The application contains 3 styles and what you love

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1- Android Studio courses
2- Kotlin Courses
3 – Java courses
4 – Swift courses
5- Html courses
6- Css Courses
7- Html + Css Courses
8- JavaScript courses
9 – Php courses
10 – MySql Courses
11 – Courses #C
12- Python Courses
13- C ++ Courses
14- courses
15. Unity Courses
16- Unreal Courses
17- Buildbox Courses
18 – Photoshop courses
19 – illustrator courses
20- After Effect courses

These were 3 useful apps I chose for you and I hope you like it

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