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Android: the best free antivirus

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The antivirus on Android is at the heart of a big debate: some consider that they are not necessary (and we do a little part of it), while others prefer to have one installed for more security and feel better protect. That’s why we offer a comparison of the best free antivirus on Android. But do not forget, it does not excuse to remain vigilant and to keep good practices! 

This guide presents a selection of the best free Android antivirus. What to choose if you want to protect your smartphone with one of these tools. Before going any further, keep in mind that an antivirus is not essential on a smartphone, especially if it is used while respecting some basic security measures. Our file on the interest of installing an antivirus on your Android smartphone can help you see more clearly.

An antivirus, what is it?

An antivirus comes in the form of computer software (be it on a computer, mobile device, etc.) that is developed to provide real-time protection of the system. Its main role is to be able to detect all potential dangers, to propose solutions to eradicate them or to monitor suspicious behavior of the system and the files stored there to protect you from any security risks. Now, let’s discover some of the best antivirus on the market.

top 5 antivirus android protect system

The best free antivirus on Android

This selection that we tested can not of course be exhaustive, but offers a good overview of the offer in antivirus. These applications have been chosen for their interface, their efficiency, and the fact that they provide free basic functionality  that can be expected from a true antivirus. But remember, the best antivirus is still you and your caution!

360 Security

We end up with one if not the best antivirus on Android. It is currently used on more than 200 million smartphones worldwide. In addition to of course offering all the necessary security, this small application will offer other functionality.

First of all it is a “booster” of RAM , it will allow to kill the useless applications in the background. It also offers a brand new intelligent battery saving feature to help you monitor the most used applications and conserve your battery.

Download LINK

Avast Antivirus Free for Android

We find the application signed Avast for antivirus protection mobile version that is effective. An even more complete menu is available for the latter. Whether it’s looking for viruses, blocking applications or protecting your privacy, everything seems to be present on the interface.

An analysis has been done for this app as well. It is also possible to perform a scan on all storage spaces (memory cards). To make it shorter, I have not voluntarily checked this option.

After a relatively short analysis overall (2 minutes 30), no threat was detected on the 40 scanned objects. A powerful system that is perhaps even better thought than the PC application and false positives.

In addition, the application offers a firewall to manage the traffic (Wi-Fi, data) of your applications . A task that might seem tedious to those who would like to configure each application one by one, but it is what it takes to have a precise setting as possible. The “Privacy” section allows you to collect a lot of information on your phone and the network used.

The settings to finish will allow you to update the database of Avast and block the application with a PIN (be careful not to forget if you use one). In short, Avast, as one can like it (or not) on computer, then, to download if you are already familiar with the system.

Download LINK

AVG Antivirus Android Gratuit 2018

AVG antivirus android

AVG is an antivirus already well known on PC and is doing pretty well on mobile devices. The main menu is also simple and very quickly accessible. The “Analyze” button located at the bottom has allowed to perform a scan on the phone and even to detect 4 threats!

But rest assured, that does not mean that Lookout had not done his job properly. Just that the detected threats are:

  • CyanogenROM Downloader , classified as an intrusive Adware, while certainly the free application contains advertising placed just below, but still, it is the new company that will not be happy.
  • “USB Debugging” enabled does not seem to please AVG
  • The option to install applications from “unknown sources” is checked, AVG informs us that it is a risky choice, in all honor.
  • The smartphone is rooted, potentially granting all rights to who gets them on the phone, of course, but I was aware of this detail.

As a result, the application reports as threats what could actually represent a danger, but these different cases are quite normal on the smartphone that was used for testing.

Aside from that, AVG Antivirus for Android offers to check the performance of its device, especially the battery status (its temperature and health) and even the ability to set a power saving mode.

Finally, the application offers everything you need for file scanning, real-time protection when surfing the internet, analyzing your SMS / MMS and a range of options for protecting your applications or call blocking.

Mobile software that will probably interest more than one, and for which we will not have much to reproach him, although it is rather provided and perhaps a little too strict in its analyzes.

Download LINK

Avira – Antivirus Free

Avira, also known on PC for its formidable efficiency, speed and low consumption of resources, which is pleasantly found on Android. Not that the mobile version of the antivirus is a beast in search of viruses, but it adopts a simplified interface as possible and that goes to the essential, provided you have created an account beforehand.

The analysis will be done around the files stored on the internal memory and micro SD card (count about 8 GB total) to report any problem on the smartphone. A little longer for the operation, the search algorithm is particularly sophisticated and has been proven on PC to detect many programs called FUD, that is to say, designed not to be detected by antivirus . But Avira showed that he was very strong in this area.

For the rest, we find a lock to locate your lost or stolen Android device, and even options to lock it away or directly delete the data that is stored on it. It is also possible to create a blacklist to block unwanted contacts that would have the habit of disturbing you.

An antivirus still free that will do what is asked and will be discreet about your system, so it would be a shame to deprive yourself. With Avira as an antivirus on your Android device to protect you from viruses , you’ll have what you need to stop worrying about losing your data or being a victim of malware.

Download LINK


breeding antivirus

AVL is a very light antivirus, but also very effective according to AV-test, an independent organization that classifies antivirus. Apart from the usual features found on antivirus, AVL is able to detect threatening executable files that intrude on our smartphones. There is also talk of a call blocker to avoid being bothered by doubtful telephone services.

The AVL Antivirus is also on the lookout for the websites we visit to avoid fraud or other phishing techniques. However, what distinguishes especially AVL is its interface and its great lightness since the application does not consume a lot of resources on our devices.

Download LINK


Dr.Web is a fairly well-known Russian application with a community of over 70 million users on the Google Play (Developer’s Digits). Like its compatriots mentioned above, it is there to protect you from all possible threats on your Android devices nomad, but it differs from others by some advantages, but also disadvantages.

First of all, its main advantage is its lightness, in fact, you will need less than 1 MB to store the application , it is the lightest antivirus of Android. Skip the installation almost invisible for your storage space, you will find yourself facing a very simple interface that goes to the basics with a scan module (Fast, complete and personalized), the SpIDer Guard and statistics.

I will not go back to the scan that works the same way as any other application. The SpIDer Guard is the monitor that monitors your device in real time to intervene at any time in case of detection of potential threats and it is formidable. A persistent notification will then appear for faster access.


Dr.Web integrates a large number of features such as a powerful antispam, an accelerated scanning system if you do not want to wait, an access control to an internet , an antitheft device (in the event of loss or theft) or a security guard. complete fire . But as I said, beyond its benefits, this antivirus has a big drawback.

Indeed, if you can download the application for free, it is far from complete, you must have seen the word Light in the title. If you want to unlock all the features, you will have to pay € 58.13 for a lifetime license.

Download LINK

Kaspersky Internet security

We no longer present Kaspersky, it is one of the pillars of antivirus on PC and inevitably it has become a must on smartphone. Its application is very well thought it also allows some features welcome.

We for example the location of the smartphone, blocking calls and SMS unwanted numbers, but also protects your watch Android Wear , it is true that we are never too careful! In any case Kaspersky brings all its expertise on Android and then we must recognize that the application is rather pretty while Material Design.

Download LINK


We hope that this list has allowed you to learn about the best antivirus solutions available to you on Android, for free, and that you will make good use of these security applications to get rid of viruses . However, we want to re-specify: we are not necessarily for the use of such applications on a smartphone, but the choice is yours and you will at least have something to satisfy you in this folder.

Feel free to come and comment to give us the name of the antivirus you use (if you use one), the reasons for your choice or just to ask questions and discuss about mobile security in general.

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