Looking forward to discovering the Tesla pickup, Simone Giertz, a famous Swedish youtubeuse specializing in technology and robotics, did not wait for Elon Musk to design his own model from a Model 3. For a result bluffing.

“  I do not know if it’s the smartest or stupid thing I’ve done  “: Simone Giertz admits of herself, her project to turn a Model 3 into a pick-up turns out to be the biggest challenge of his YouTubeuse career. This 28-year-old Swede has become known for her videos where robotics and technology, mixed with sometimes daring experiments, other times useless, are in order.

An army of qualified professionals

With 1.6 million subscribers, Simone has seduced the YouTube community for her audacity, pugnacity and beautiful ideas. The virtues that apply especially to his last challenge, first mentioned a year ago. But a tumor of the non-cancerous brain operated in May 2018 forced him to review his ambitions, and postpone for a few months his last fad.

To reach her goals, the one now living in San Francisco has hired qualified professionals: Marco Ramirez, her long-time mechanic, designer Laura Kampf, garage mechanic / YouTubeur Tesla specialist , Rich Rebuilds, and an entire audiovisual team responsible for capturing this beautiful adventure then broadcast in a video of thirty minutes. And the first task to perform was surely the most expensive: buy a Model 3, because less expensive than other models, before transforming it.

See you this summer for the real Tesla pickup

The team of do-it-yourselfers set out to remove part of the rear bodywork to insert the components worthy of a pick-up. With, as a final result, a relatively successful product, although this model 3 revisited loses its charm. The real pickup Tesla will be the subject of an official presentation in the summer of 2019 . Its much more futuristic design should be relatively decisive with the product imagined by Simone Giertz.

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