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The police Tesla breaks down battery during a chase

The police Tesla breaks down battery during a chase

For a police officer involved in a chase, the biggest frustration is probably having to give up the stalking because of a breakdown on his vehicle. A US police officer with a Tesla, meanwhile, had to end a prosecution for lack of battery.

The police of the city of Fremont , California, is the first US to integrate electric vehicles to its fleet of patrols. It features the 2014 Tesla Model S 85, which is specially equipped with a bull bar, beacon, and audible and light horns. Last week, Constable Jesse Hartman was on patrol at the wheel of this car when he sued a wanted suspect for a crime .

The vehicle had not been refilled before work

By noting the display of an end-of-range notification (6 miles remaining, or about 10 km), the agent had to resolve to end the high speed chase to find a charging station . He was able to radio his colleagues at California State Highway Patrol to replace him in time. However, the suit was canceled about ten minutes later because the suspect was driving too dangerously. His vehicle was found abandoned in the municipality of San Jose.

The Fremont Police Captain noted that it is usually possible to do an 11-hour shift and return to the station with 40% to 50% remaining battery life. The problem, in the case of Jesse Hartman, is that the Tesla was not recharged at the end of the previous shift . Its energy reserve was more than half at the beginning of the quarter, which corresponds to the regulation put in place in the police station.

Due to the dangerousness of the suspect’s driving behavior, the pursuit would have been interrupted for safety anyway. The weakness of the Tesla’s autonomy did not have any impact during this intervention.

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